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SHUKOKAI UPDATE    07 June 2017


Welcome back to another top week of Shukokai karate.  I hope you all had a terrific weekend.  My apologies for the late newsletter.                              

I would like to further extend my congratulations to those who attended our Gradings on Saturday last.  The grading panel were impressed with the overall standard and quite surprised by some outstanding performances on the day.

Wear your new grade with much pride in your achievements so far, and look forward to the many more hours on the Dojo floor to not only reinforce those achievements but to also achieve others.

A big thank you to Sensei Julie and Sensei Merinda for taking the time to travel up from Brisbane for the weekend and also to Sensei Harry, Sempai Curtis, Isso Jemimah and Sanso Curtis for all of your assistance at the gradings and also during the Dan Grading assessments that took place on Sunday.

I will have current Student Handbooks ready for collection by Thursday and New Student Handbooks hopefully be the end of this week.

A hello out to Arthur Bills, poor Arthur is on the sick and injured list, wishing you a speedy recovery Arthur so that you can get back to Boofin.

After many requests I have put a Club competition back on our agenda.  I will have further information on that very soon.

I have not forgotten about the training camp/winter beach training; it’s just finding the time.  I will be on it.

The AFTK event advertised on the waiting room Notice Board is an open event.  We are members of the AFTK so anyone wishing to attend pays the reduced rate.  If you are interested in attending this event please talk with me, although an open event; the training that takes place may not be suitable for many students.  Training focusses on applying the raw essence of karate self-defence.

To help “rug up” on the way home we have a special on Club Jackets and Club Trackie Dacks; Linda has the details.


July                               Club Competition

July                               Club Training camp

August                          Winter Beach Training

15 October 2017         AFTK National Seminar – Brisbane, Spring Hill Hall

                                      Seminar forms available from Soke

                                      CONDITIONS APPLY





Welcome back to another top week of Shukokai karate.  I hope you all had a terrific weekend.                          


Grading invitations have been handed out and a thankyou to those who have lodged already and a reminder to those who have not lodged their grading invitation of the upcoming “cut off” date which is this coming Friday the 26th, but, silly old me forgot that day is a public holiday, so I will extend out that “cut off” date to Saturday the 27th.  If you have a grading invitation but are unable to make the date, please let me know.  If the grading acceptance “deadline” date is an issue; please speak with me.

Given this coming Friday is a public holiday and we will be closed, I am moving Junior Friday Fight Night to Thursday night 5pm to 6pm, and so that the seniors do not miss out on a bit of BOOFIN, senior Friday Fight Night will be transferred to Wednesday night 6pm to 7pm.  Students attending those classes should ensure that you bring your BOOFFIN equipment to those classes.  All other classes this week are as per our training schedule.

I am very pleased to announce our March and April 2017 Students of the Month.  For March I selected Ashton Smith from our Monday Pee Wee class.  Ashton has been working very hard on improving his karate and is always a pleasure to have in class.  For April 2017 I could not go past Neel Shah from our junior student list.  Much improved Neel and a very worthwhile recipient.  Again well done to both students on your outstanding efforts and I wish you both great success at our upcoming gradings.

To help “rug up” on the way home we have a special on Club Jackets; Linda has the details.


27 May 2017                Cut-off date for lodging grading invitations

03 June 2017              Club Grading

July                               Club Training camp

August                          Winter Beach Training

15 October 2017         AFTK National Seminar – Brisbane, Spring Hill Hall



Student of the Month – 2017

January 2017 –           Hayley Norval – Junior

February 2017 –          Leah Tomkinson – Junior

March 2017 –               Ashton Smith – Pee Wee

April 2017 –                  Neel Shah – Junior

May 2017 –                 

June 2017 –                

July 2017 –                 

August 2017 –            

September 2017 –     

October 2017 –            

November 2017 –    

December  2017 –    

Student of the Month – 2016

January 2016 –          L-Jay Kingman – Junior

February 2016 –        Connor Townsend – Senior

March 2016 –             Jasper Rose – Junior

April 2016 –               Paige Kandola – Junior

May 2016 –                 Linda Wilson – Senior

June 2016 –                Alexis Kandola – Junior

July 2016 –                 Erika Worrall – Pee Wee

August 2016 –            C.J. Bersonda – Junior

September 2016 –      Dylan Reddall – Junior

October 2016 –            Kyal MacKemzie – Junior

November 2016 –       Logan Van Den Akkar – Junior

December  20016 –    Jade Reddall – Junior

Student of the Month – 2015


January 2015 –
Evie Dickfos – Pee Wee

February 2015 – Ellie Dickfos – Pee Wee

March 2015 –  Soraya Royer – Junior

April 2015 –  Alex Storoy – Junior

May 2015 –  Ally Marwick – Junior

June 2015 –  Talia Storoy – Pee Wee

July 2015 –  Arthur Bills – Pee Wee

August 2015 –  Keely Walters – Senior

September 2015 – Jemimah Long – Senior

October 2015 – Eli Collins – Junior

November 2015 – T.J. Palfrey – Pee Wee

December 2015 – Jacob Thompson – Pee Wee

Student of the Year

Shukokai Karate Hervey Bay

Student of the year

2016                                      Curtis Reck                             Snr

2015                                      Brianna Skyring                       Jnr

2014                                       Jamie Long                             Snr

2013                                       Merinda Folkard                      Snr

2012                                       Kaitlyn Ralston                        Jnr

2011                                       Julie Bell                                 Snr

2010                                       Madison Hore                          Jnr

2009                                       Max Herber                             Tai Chi/Kobudo

(Max Herber Vale: 28 December 2016: forever in our hearts and thoughts)

2008                                       Debby Newland                       Snr

2007                                       Curtis Reck                              Jnr

2006                                       Kahlia Smith                            Jnr

2005                                       Madison Elliott                         Jnr

2004                                       Kahlia Smith                            Jnr

2003                                       Steven Richters                        Jnr

2002                                       Matthew Smith                        Snr

1992 to 2001 Individual awards were not presented


Student of the Month – 2014

Shukokai Karate Hervey Bay

Student of the Month


January                                 J. Reddall                             Jnr

February                              E. Whebell                          Snr

March                                   J. Tanerau                           Snr

April                                       A. Bills                                 P/W

May                                       B. Skyring                            Jnr

June                                      E. Reid                                  Jnr

July                               H. Chandler                     Jnr

August                           C. Low                             P/W

September                     S. Bailey-Griffen               Jnr

October                          K. Walkley                       Jnr

November                       B. Skyring                       Jnr

December                       K. Smith                          Snr

Studnet of the Month – 2013

Shukokai karate Hervey Bay

Student of the Month


January                                                M. Folkard                                          Snr

February                                              E. Skyring                                             Jnr

March                                                   M. Kummerfeld                                 Tai Chi

April                                                       K. Walters                                           Jnr

May                                                       2013 Competition Squad

June                                                      K. Darmody                                        Jnr

July                                                        B. reid                                                   Jnr

August                                                  L. Smith                                                P/w

September                                         B. Reid                                                  Jnr

October                                               A. Storoy                                             Jnr

November                                          C. Hope                                                P/W

December                                           K. Smith                                               Snr


Student of the Month – 2012

Shukokai Karate Hervey Bay

Student of the Month


January                     J. Mason                    Jnr

February                    B. Pearson                 Snr

March                        M. Barling                  Snr

April                          J. Marshall/l. Barlow     Jnr

May                          Y. Tuando                  Jnr

June                          D. Schlosser               Snr

July                           T. gaiduschek             Jnr

August                       H. Quinn                    Jnr

September                 S. Ritter                     Jnr

October                     B. Curd                      p/w

November                  E. Walters                  Jnr

December                  T. Blackley                 Jnr                                           

Student of the Month – 2011

Shukokai Karate Hervey Bay

Student of the Month


January                     A. lowien                    p/w

February                    J. Ward                      Jnr

March                        R. Borsboom               p/w

April                          D. Tuando                  Jnr

May                          E. Skyring                  p/w

June                          D. Kopacz                  Snr

July                           M. Doherty                 Jnr

August                       C. Hinton                    Jnr

September                 C. Hua                       Snr

October                     J. Bell                        Snr

November                  S. Thompson              Jnr

December                  K. Henry                    Jnr