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SHUKOKAI UPDATE    23 January 2018

Welcome back to another top week of Shukokai Karate.

We have hit the Dojo floor with much gusto as 2018 kicks off another top year of our Karate.  Great to hear that so many have had such fun times “doing nothing” over the festive holiday season and now it is full steam ahead with school back in action.

To our many new students; welcome on board and please feel free to speak with me should you have any questions about your involvement here.

Several students have moved onto the next phase of their training; stepping up to the more advanced classes and I hope that all goes well for you all.

Time to set your 2018 Karate GOALS.  I have penned my own and would strongly suggest that you do likewise. Giving your training a purpose with achievable and realistic outcomes will help you through those hard training sessions.  I am happy to chat on this subject if you have any questions about your own particular circumstances.

This year I have set a priority to ensure that we hold, by popular demand; at least 3 Club Competitions.  A winter’s beach training session is on the agenda as well.  Given our membership to the Australian Federation of Traditional Karate; we will also be involved in as many of their events this year as we can.  I am hoping to have out a calendar of events in the not too distant future – please feel free to raise “activity” ideas; I am always open to new ideas.

Earlier this month I said good bye to Logan Van Den Akker who is off to live in Brisbane.  A longer term student who made tremendous progress with his training.  I wish Logan all the best for his future and a hope that he may be able to continue his Karate studies once settled in.

December 2017 Student of the Month was awarded to Kawya Jayasinghe a member of our senior class group.  Well done Kawya on all of your efforts to date; keep up the good work.


See you all at training