Establishment of the Second Bouncer Rule in IPL 2024

Establishment of the Second Bouncer Rule in IPL 2024

The second bouncer rule was introduced by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) earlier this year to improve the playing conditions of the national T20 interstate championship, the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy (SMAT), which is part of the BCCI domestic schedule. The Board has now chosen to uphold this regulation for the IPL as well. Therefore, bowlers will be allowed to deliver two bouncers in an over this season in an effort to promote a more balanced duel between bat and ball. This is a significant change from the previous seasons, when there was iplwin app just one short ball permitted.

Maintaining The Catch Review To Stop Referrals IPL

When a referral is issued for stumping, the BCCI will continue to enforce the rule of looking for a catch. This is another noteworthy playing condition. By considering the likelihood of a catch before confirming a stumping decision, this rule promotes fairness for the fielding side, in contrast to the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) regulations that only examine stumping calls upon the on-field umpire’s referral. Teams will still be able to examine wides and no balls, a provision that was implemented last year, and they will still be allowed two referrals.

Lack of the Stop Clock Rule IPL 2024

It’s interesting to note that the stop clock rule IPL 2024 will not be used in the IPL, in contrast to recent ICC playing conditions revisions where this regulation has been permanently implemented in white-ball international matches.

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