About us

Established in 2002. 

Bubishi Martial  Arts operates a retail shopfront, an online store and a martial arts training facility.


offers a wide range of uniforms and training supplies for all forms of martial arts.  At Bubishi our focus is on supplying quality products that will stand up to the rigours of martial arts training.  Customers will find clothing and protective gear for MMA, BJJ, Kickboxing, Muay Thai &  Boxing.  Uniforms and training equipment for Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Judo etc.  Bubishi also stocks training weaponry including Nunchaku, bokken, staffs, sai & others.


is a purpose built martial arts dojo. 

Classes are available for children and adults. 

We teach Shukokai Karate and Japanese Kobudo (weaponry).

Karate classes are taught in age groups;  with classes available for                           Junior’s 4 – 14 yrs and adults 15+ yrs.

Kobudo classes offer tuition in the use of Bo staff, Nunchaku, Sai, Katana,            Ying Yang Sword, Fan and cane.



At Bubishi we teach Shukokai Karate; which is a Shito-Ryu based traditional Japanese Karate. 

SHU-KO-KAI means WAY-FOR-ALL and was first developed in 1949 by Chojiro Tani in Kobe, Japan.  Shukokai was later established in Australia by Sensei Alan Murdoch in 1972.

The Hervey Bay dojo was established by Sensei Glen Smith in 1992 and became a full time training facility in 2002. Sensei Glen passed away in 2021 and the training facility is now run by his daughter Sensei Kahlia.

 The Shukokai karate dojo and Bubishi Martial Arts training facility are the the Fraser Coast regions longest running full time martial arts facility.

At Bubishi our aim is to develop self respect, self confidence, coordination and fitness in a safe environment;  where a major focus is placed on the values of a traditional Japanese Martial Art.



Left: Sensei Shigeru Kimura ( Chief Technical Master of Shukokai) Born 1941 – passed away 1995.

Right:  Sensei Chojiro Tant ( Founder of Shukokai)

Shukokai is a form of Okinawan Karate that has evolved from careful analysis of the dynamics and principles of Traditional Japanese Karate.  The lineage of Shukokai is such that it can be considered a direct descendant of it’s parent style, Shito-Ryu.  Shukokai Karate was developed in 1949 by Chojiro Tani.  Sensei Tani started karate just after his entry into University in Kyoto and trained under Chojun Miyagi,  The founder of Goju – Ryu.  After obtaining his Nidan grading, Sensei Tani then changed to Shito-Ryu training under Kenwa Mabuni.  Kenwa Mabuni was the founder of Shito-Ryu and considered one of the greatest karateka of all time.  Sensei Tani evolved the Shukokai technique over a period of years and in 1949 he founded the Shukokai World Karate Union.
The Chief technical master of Shukokai was Shigeru Kimura.  Sensei Kimura commenced karate at the age of 16 under Sensei Tani.  At the age of 21, he won the Open Shukokai World Championship.  After winning that title for the second time in 1964, he ceased participating in championship karate.  He then devoted his life to developing the style of karate now known and respected throughout the world as Shukokai.
In 1981 Sensei Tommy Morris’ who was Sensei Kimura’s highest graded instructor,  visited Australia for the first time.  He ran a course and grading for the Shukokai Association which resulted a a great improvement in the area of technique for practitioners of Shukokai Australia.

SENSEI ALAN MURDOCH - founder Australian Shukokai Karate Do-Renmei

Sensei Alan Murdoch (7th Dan) was the founder of Shukokai Karate in Australia.  Born on 29 August 1946, and sadly passed away on 18 November 2006,  Sensei Alan commenced his karate training in 1969 at the Kobe Osaka Karate Club in Glasgow, Scotland.  His instructor was Sensei Tommy Morris,  the founder of Shukokai Karate in great Britain.

Born in Stirlingshire,  Sensei Alan was raised in Glasgow.  He first started training as a means of self defence to protect himself whilst walking home from night school.  Sensei Alan proved to be an excellent student and progressed swiftly with his karate studies.   After 5 months rigorous training, Sensei Alan was awarded his 6th Kyu (green belt) and within another 5 months his 5th Kyu (blue belt).  After another 18 months  he received his 1st Kyu brown belt.  All of these Kyu gradings were conducted by Sensei Tommy Morris at the Kobe Osaka Dojo.

Nine months later Sensei Alan was promoted to 1st Dan by Sensei Shigeru Kimura.  A month later Sensei Alan emigrated to Australia where he established the Australian Shukokai Association and began teaching classes in Dandenong, Victoria.

Sensei Alan also had great success as a coach of the Victorian and National Karate teams.  He is known as a superb technician and a much loved sensei that inspired and trained several generations of athletes.  Some of whom went on to become national and international champions.


Our Team of Instructors

We aim to help you develop self respect, self confidence, fitness and coordination.

Chief Instructor

Sensei Kahlia Smith

Sub Instructor

Julie Ann Newman

Sub Instructor

Merinda Folkard

Sub instructor

Curtis Reck

Hervey Bay Shukokai Founder

Sensei Glen Smith

Administration and Retail operations

Linda Applebee