Our Classes

We offer classes for all age groups. We teach traditional Japanese Karate that has it’s roots in the Shito-Ryu form.  The style of Shito-Ryu karate that we teach is Shukokai Karate.

Our classes are designed to suit different age groups and their abilities.  In this way we can ensure continuity of learning within the class environment.

Junior  Classes 3-13 years

Adult Classes  14 – 100 Years

Fighter IQ Classes   Participation is assessed on maturity levels; this class is for those wishing to improve the mental aspects of their fight game, ranging from cognitive control during a street fight, through to fight manipulation in the competition arena 

Open Mat  14 – 100Yrs

Family/ Open  Age  3 – 100Yrs

(There is no age or skill level restrictions)

We do not train by school terms.  Our training sessions are available Monday To Saturday  all the year around (except for public holidays)

Classes are available during the school holidays

Our Fee's

We DO NOT have a joining fee or yearly membership fee.  The first karate lesson is FREE to allow you and/or  your children the opportunity to assess if Shukokai Karate is for you.  We DO NOT charge in advance for lessons and we DO NOT charge you for any lessons that you do not attend.

Payment can be made in in either cash, credit card or eftpos.  EFTPOS facility is available on site.

All students are required to carry “Player Accident Insurance”.   Student’s can choose to purchase their own coverage and provide proof to us or we have an in house group coverage that students are able to join at a very reasonable rate.

All students are required to have coverage by their fourth lesson with us.   Again this allows the student time to decide if Shukokai Karate is for them.

Our in house policy is renewed every September.  The current cost for an individual student to have coverage from September to September (or part there of) is $35.

Your First Lesson

No equipment is required to start.  We suggest comfortable play clothes to train in and a jacket to wear home.  We ask that students wear some form of footwear to training on order to keep their feet clean and that thier clothing and bodies be in a clean/neat/tidy manner suitable for training with others.  Students should always bring a drink of water as hydration breaks are given during training.  Suitable drinks are also available to purchase from reception.

What Equipment will you need in the future?

It is not initially important to have anything other than a smile and enthusiasm for attending classes.  

We strongly encourage students to wait and make sure they want to continue training before expending money on equipment and uniforms.

It is our strong preference for students to have the appropriate protective equipment before other considerations.

The following lists show the basic essentials and are listed in order of our preferred priority.


1 – MOUTHGUARD     (suitable options are available at reception @ $8 – $20)

2 – GROIN PROTECTION (available in various sizes at reception @ $15)

3 – KARATE SPARRING MITTS  (various sizes available at reception @ $38 – $45)

4 – SHIN/INSTEP LEG GUARDS  (various sizes available at reception @ $20)

5 – STUDENTS KARATE UNIFORM –       White only ( available from reception with club badge included @$65)


1 – MOUTHGUARD     (suitable options are available at reception @ $8 – $20)

2 – CHEST SHIELD/BREAST                   GUARD (available in various sizes at reception @ $45 – $79)

3 – KARATE SPARRING MITTS  (various sizes available at reception @ $38 – $45)

4 – SHIN/INSTEP LEG GUARDS  (various sizes available at reception @ $20)

5 – STUDENTS KARATE UNIFORM –       White only ( available from reception with club badge included @$65)

Foundation instructor

sensei glen smith

Soké Glen Smith (Godan) is the Founder of Bubishi Martial Arts.  He greatly enjoyed more than 20 years of sharing Shukokai Karate with students of all ages.

One of his greatest joys was that he could share his passion for karate with his family.  For many years Sensei Glen was able to train alongside his son ( Matthew), Daughter (Kahlia) and wife (Linda).

Sadly; Sensei Glen passed in 2021.  His much loved dojo and karate family our now in the very experienced hands of his daughter Sensei Kahlia.

Sensei Kahlia Smith


Sensei Kahlia was first introduced to Shukokai Karate as an 18 month old toddler watching from the sidelines as her parents and older brother trained.  At around 3 years of age she began to participate in the classes run by Sensei Richard Harris at the Isabella Plains dojo in Canberra.  

Sensei Kahlia and her family moved to Hervey bay when she was almost 6.  After settling in; the family started Shukokai Karate Hervey Bay and Kahlia began being coached by Sensei Glen (her Father).  In 1995  Sensei Kahlia entered her first karate tournament;  a regional event held in Maryborough.  The thrill of bringing home several medals  was the starting point of 20 year period of competing in Regional, State and National events.  With an ever growing list of victories under her belt; Sensei Kahlia was selected as a member of the Qld Karate Squad and the Australian Karate team.

In 2008  Sensei Kahlia relocated to Melbourne and trained at the main Honbu of Shukokai Karate Australia with Sensei Ennio Anselmi.  The time spent in Melbourne allowed Sensei Kahlia to to further advance her understanding and technical application of Shukokai Karate.  After almost 3 years;  Sensei Kahlia returned to Hervey bay and committed herself to assisting with the running of Bubishi Institute of Shukokai Karate.

Sensei Kahlia’s love for competing kept calling, and so, in 2013 she made the decision to return to the competition arena.  After 16 months of rigorous training she competed in every round of the QLD events for the National All Styles circuit and made definate waves by by taking three first placings and one second.  This was followed by first place in the QLD state titles and then onto the National titles in Melbourne.  On day 1 of the National titles Sensei Kahlia defeated her opponent in the State team event;  helping the QLD team to victory over all other states.  On day 2 she was again victorious in her own weight division which allowed her entry into the “Champion of Champions” event.  In a 4 way fight off between the champions from every weight division,  Sensei Kahlia was the final victor and was awarded the 2014 Female Champion of Champions.  In 2015 Sensei Kahlia repeated these victories and was again awarded the Champion of Champions trophy.  After a few more years of not competing;  Sensei Kahlia again “got-the-bug” and her 2019 efforts resulted in yet another Champion of Champions trophy.  

Since 2019;  Covid restrictions have severely limited the competition opportunities.  However Sensei Kahlia and the team of dedicated competitor’s in the Hervey Bay Club continue to compete train and compete when they can.

Although Sensei Kahlia enjoys the challenge of competition;  it is not the overall focus of her Karate throughout the years.  The biggest enjoyment comes from the personal development and growth in confidence that the varying aspects of Karate bring to everyday life and sharing that potential with others. 

Sensei Alex Storoy