Yamasaki brushed canvas Kyokushinkai Gi


  • Kyokushin kanji fully embroidered on the jacket in navy blue
  • The Kyokushinkai karate jacket has 3/4 sleeves
  • Traditional jacket and pants cut
  • Pants with traditional drawstring waist
  • White belt not included


The Yamasaki Kyokushinkai Brushed Canvas Gi Uniform is designed for the practitioner with the highest demands on a karate gi.  Made from a highly resilient brushed canvas that is extremely strong not only in its custom fabric weave but also in its internal brushed lining.  This gi is super comfortable and flexible to wear. The specially-developed fabric is 3-5 times stronger than the regular cotton full contact gi and it doesn’t shrink after several washes.

The Yamasaki Kyokushin Gi absorbs sweat faster and dries it quicker than regular cotton gi, so it’s a perfect uniform for training in hot weather. The Canvas Jacket and Twill trousers fabric is made out of 100% and with its professional Kanji embroidery will ensure your perform at your best at all times.

Available in sizes 1 to 7.  Refer to the size chart in the images to select the best fitting option for you.

Please note – The prices shown are for the purpose of online shopping only.  the instore price may vary.

Additional Information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 45 × 30 × 20 cm


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